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New Changes in Pinterest that You Should Know About

Quite a few changes have been induced by Pinterest and here in this article we have dealt with few them. They have added new features and modified many of the previous ones and have even deleted many those were present. We have discussed some of the changes here and what are the things that you need to do in order to make best use of these changes and these are solely for the marketers. How to get the new look? There is the business or profile name on the top right. Scroll over it and there you will find a drop down menu. Click on the last option mentioned “switch to new look” to get the new look. Immediately, a pop-up will open and ask you if you are ready for the new changes for your good. Click on ‘yes’ or the red button mentioning ‘get it now’.

There will be another pop-up message welcoming you to the new Pinterest look on your screen and click on “Okay” button to set up the new look. What are the new changes and modifications? Let us have a look at the changes that has taken place in Pinterest.

  1. - Larger pins as pins now have 735 wide pixels compared to 600 pixels that were there in the beginning when enlarged.
  2. - Another change that is very much noticeable is that the categories section is no longer there and has been moved. Earlier, the categories section was there on the top center right along with everything, gifts etc. and now it is on the top left.
  3. - Comments buttons in Pinterest have been removed and you need click and enlarge a pin in order to make any kinds of comments.
  4. - Repin button has been replaced by “Pin It” button.
  5. - Analytics feature has been added and it is one of the best additions that has been made.

10 Ways to optimize your Pinterest pages

Pinterest has become one of the most successful and popular social media platforms today. According to its recent reports, the social media website boasts of having more than 70 million users today. While the huge increase in the number of users has allowed a tremendous amount of creativity to be showcased, it has also made it all the more difficult for users to get recognition and become visible on Pinterest. In order to ensure that your account is not one of those which disappears behind the millions of user accounts on Pinterest, you need to make sure that you effectively optimize your Pinboards so that they become visible to the Pinterest world. Here are 10 ways to optimize your Pinterest pages.

Paying attention to the “About” section

The “about” section is one of the first things that most users are likely to glance at while viewing a Pinterest account. However, due to the restrictions set by Pinterest, you are offered with only 160 characters to make a difference and ensure that your pages are seen and heard above the million others present on Pinterest. Make sure that you clearly portray who you are, why Pinterest appeals to you and what value you bring to the table while filling out your “about” section.

Using specific keywords to name your Pinboards

In order to ensure that your board is found on search results, it is important that you use specific keywords which are likely to be searched for by other users on Pinterest while naming your boards. You also need to ensure that you use keywords which best describe your Pinboard and sounds quite catchy as well. The simplest way to achieve this is by using simple terms and common names such as “Places to visit in Switzerland”.

Be consistent with your pinning

Having consistent practices when it comes to pinning can help you become popular on Pinterest as well. You need to ensure that you pin on a regular basis and develop a reputation of being dependable with your pins. This means that you need to develop a reputation of posting quality pins at regular intervals and be able to offer users with something that they look forward to. However, this does not mean that you flood your Pinboards with pins. Remember, the idea is to develop a smooth, consistent and dependable image.

Re-pin your most famous pins from time to time

If you have ever used Pinterest, you would have realized that it is not possible for you to see all the pins in a particular Pinboard at once. The same applies to your followers as well. Therefore, you need to re-pin some of your most famous pins that were posted months ago. This tactic can be used as an extremely effective tool to uncover magnificent content which was previously buried in your Pinterest boards.

Take an active part in Pinterest Group Boards

Most of the successful boards have thousands of followers and numerous people who contribute to them day in and day out. These group boards can be used as an excellent medium for promoting your own Pinterest pages. Remember that you need to ensure that you pin content which is considered to be relevant to the Pinterest board in question and helps to add value for its followers. Once you develop a reputation for pinning interesting content, your own followers should begin to rise.

Creating different boards which revolve around different themes

You are not doing your Pinterest optimization efforts any good by putting up a couple of Pinterest boards which have a couple of random pins each. In order to build your presence on Pinterest, you need to be able to successfully create a number of boards which revolve around different themes. These boards need not necessarily be about different fields altogether, but could cover various aspects of the same field. Remember, your ultimate goal is to offer unique and creative solutions to as many users as possible. And the best way of accomplishing this objective is by creating a variety of boards that cater to different types of users.

Bring diversity into your content

Most of your boards generally revolve around your hobbies, activities that you have an interest in or fields that you work on. However, you need to ensure that your boards do not become monotonous. To do this, you need to bring about a diversity of content that is being pinned onto your Pinterest boards. However, this does not mean that your posts venture away from the field and become random in nature. What this essentially means is that you need to become creative when it comes to posting content. For example, you have a board which revolves around skating and rollerblading. It is not enough to post how tos, tutorials and tips. You also need to ensure that you post a variety of content such as videos depicting the skills of other users, infographics, popular quotes and images, etc.

Ensuring the optimal positioning for your most popular boards

You need to understand that when a user visits your profile, they are most likely to see the boards located on the top of your profile and shift to another profile if they do not like what they see. To prevent this from happening, you need to ensure that you position your boards in a way so that your most popular boards are the most visible ones as well. To understand how to best position your boards, you can browse through a number of heat maps which show the areas that the users are most likely to pay attention to. The same goes for the pins that are posted on the individual boards.

Creating boards that revolve around popular niches

It also helps to create boards which are completely different from your main interests or skills, but are extremely popular niches in the Pinterest world. Topics like travel, food, fashion, entertainment and cars are more likely to attract a large number of users than topics which are centric to a particular group of people. Therefore, by adding boards which revolve around popular niches, you can do a world of good to your optimization process.

Mix and match

Yes, your main objective is to showcase your talents with the help of your Pinterest board and user profiles. However, if you really want to become popular in the Pinterest world, you need to mix and match the content being pinned on your boards. Remember, Pinterest users visit a profile not because the user creates excellent content, but because they can find a myriad of information and creative ideas which come from multiple users for a particular topic. It is always safe to follow the 80 – 20 rule which states that only 20% of the content posted on your Pinterest board should be your own content.

Why buy Pinterest followers?

Pinterest has reached 10 million unique monthly views faster than any other website in U.S. history. 1/3 of all the Pinterest users have an annual household income of $100K+.

A new Opportunity for Marketing Campaigns

So you love the soft board on your bedroom wall and you think you can put up everything up there because very soon your thoughts and your interest would overflow the perimeter of it? How about a virtual pin board where you can pin anything and everything that catches your fancy not worry about stack overflow. Well to meet your requirements this virtual pin board is already here to pin down your passion and obsession. Given the huge amount of traffic to Pinterest which is only a little less than Facebook and twitter, online promotion with pinterest should not be a matter of concern here.

The Pinterest target audience

buy Pinterest followers It has been projected everywhere that pin interest is a female majority image blogging site. Given that women are really into pictures and their penchant in different kinds of fashion, design and lifestyle items and fact ranks amongst the most pinned and discussed topics. At least that is what Google Ad Planner claims. It says that the 82% of active users on Pinterest are women and majority of them are mothers and about 28% of them has a household income of $100k and above.

Online Promotion with Pinterest

Pinterest doesn’t directly usher internet marketing and advertisement, as it is a picture centric site but people do use it to brand their products and business; and ploy it for free online promotion and marketing. Many people have been hugely benefited by Pinterest, as they get a rushing influx of traffic from it. Why won’t it be so? helps users to authorize a strong presence on Pinterest with its variety of quality services. Users can buy Pinterest followers to start their marketing campaign. We provide cheap Pinterest followers with great quality. Online promotion with Pinterest becomes handy because it is so freaking easy to ‘pin’ things from outside the home site. Moreover, once you pin anything on Pinterest, sharing them on Facebook and twitter becomes easier. You can share your products and services on Pinterest and then posthumously on other social networking site and enjoy the wide coverage it offers to foster online promotion with Pinterest. Only if you are active on this platform and use beautiful pictures to grasp the attention of the user; you can churn gold for your business with a snap of fingers.